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Blue Whale Media

A Digital Partners for clients for over 10 years.

Blue Whale Media Ltd is a company that strives for excellence in everything it does. As a company that celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2021, we are an established digital agency that has stood the time test. We have vast amounts of experience and are highly qualified and competent in our respective fields. We work hard to build an ongoing relationship with our clients to ensure their success and growth.


With solid brand guidelines in place and a clear and concise plan, your brand will flourish and grow from strength to strength.


By investing in a strong and compelling marketing strategy, you can guarantee to see increased traffic and conversions.


We care about creating impressive designs, and we work with your brand to find the best ways to boost your potential.


We design engaging, creative and highly functional websites that will grab the attention of your visitors and compel them to find out more about your business.

Our Philosophy

Everything we do is for two purposes: making our clients’ money or increasing their brand exposure. Above all else, the team at Blue Whale Media Ltd are marketers. We focus everything we do or create with one mindset: working for our clients to make their lives easier, more economical and more profitable.

In Work Training

The whole team at Blue Whale Media Ltd are constantly also enrolled on an additional learning course. That may be to establish their standing with The Chartered Institute of Marketing, obtain their degree, or technical guidance and learning. We are great believers in that we should always be learning and pushing ourselves to stay ahead in this fast-moving industry.


Blue Whale Media Ltd has a great apprenticeship programme, and Stephanie herself takes part in the apprenticeship week with the council year on year. Many of our staff have gone through an apprenticeship programme with Blue Whale Media Ltd or pre-employment. We believe that on-the-job training with exposure to business requirements is the only way individuals can grasp the importance of marketing within their roles. This could be a brochure design or target marketed campaigns.

Work Experience

The company is also a supporter of the local schools for work placements and universities for on-course training. Stephanie believes that investing in people has made the company successful, and working within the community is something she is passionate about. We have partnered with schools throughout the Northwest and have an ongoing partnership with Edge Hill University for their student placements. Student placements allow university students to obtain real experience within the industry, working on projects with an actual outcome that can be analysed.


Our Key Sectors.

Blue Whale Media Ltd has three main sectors within its business.

Marketing includes anything from company branding & styling to other aspects of digital marketing, websites, social media and much more.

We then have our design department with a keen eye for modern design, which is target market-driven in every way. We are great at listening to your company needs and then aligning them with your audience to create on-point designs that will please your users and drive sales.

Our development team is second to none and will work tirelessly to ensure that your project’s development is the best it can be to provide a smooth, user-friendly experience that will ensure that your business performs to its best.




Our Accolades.

CIM (Chartered Institute of Marketing) Website


Chartered Institute for Marketing.

The Blue Whale Media Ltd team is privileged to have five members of staff registered with the CIM. We even have one staff member with one of the top accolades on offer, the members level. Being recognised and registered with CIM sets an industry standard that awards marketers for their contribution and skill. They grant membership based on merit, experience and qualification and establishes a professional code of conduct for all members to abide by.


Chartered Institute of Public Relations.

The CIPR are the world’s only Royal Chartered professional body for public relations practitioners. We have two team members registered at the Member level, which is an excellent standard to set within the industry and recognises their commitment and high standards set by the code of conduct.

CIPR (Chartered Institute of Public Relations) Website

Our Journey.

In 2021 Blue Whale Media Ltd turned ten years old. This is a great achievement for the owners, and they are proud to say that the business is moving from strength to strength. Take a look at our timeline below to follow our journey.


July 2011

The owners opened the company’s first office on Manchester’s King Street after leaving their retrospective jobs.


July 2013

The company moved to Warrington’s Palmyra Square to focus on a sector that they were both familiar with.


March 2014

Moved into bigger premises in Padgate Business Park and hired four new employees.


April 2015

We increased the team to eight people, bringing in a graphic designer and two additional marketers.


June 2017

Moved to a bigger office on Birchwood Boulevard and increased the headcount to 11 people.


October 2018

Increased the headcount to 16 people, bringing in new website developers, content writers and admin staff.


October 2019

Increased the headcount to 20 people, bringing in marketers and web designers.


March 2020

The world entered a pandemic, but the team continued to push forward.


January 2021

Moved down the block to an office three times the size and increased the headcount to 25 people.


June 2021

Took on additional office space (because we are full), and we are continuing to push forward and work hard for new and old clients alike, and we celebrated our 10-year anniversary.


New Update

December 2021

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